Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Update

Okay. I just thought that I owed you guys a little end of vacation week update. Unfortunately, it isn't as good as I had hoped for. But, it's okay.
I did get a LOT of yard work done. Trees cut, bushes dug up, lots of stuff planted, bulbs in the ground. No grass seed sown. No fill dirt in the yard. But I did have to do a lot of the work in a drizzle of rain. So, I did pretty good on that front.

As for the shop..... I have two and 1/2 t-shirts finished, a pile of de-stash to photograph, a few more things in the works. However, the weather is not prime for good photos. I have things lined up and ready to go, but the sun has yet to shine through. I'm not going to say that it was a complete failure. I've just been put on a rain delay. That's all. PLEASE, keep cheering me on . I'm really trying, here. Really.

I'm dreading Monday. Being off just reminds me that I should have married for money so I could stay home. Marrying for love is completely overrated. Hee. Hee. Hee. Just kidding.

Love Ya


mimilove forever said...

ooo I know exactly how you feel..nothing worse than having to return after time off...bleurgh!

We too have had lousy weather for pix and I've still got shedloads of work to with you all the way missus! x:)

Elise said...

You got some of the stuff done you wanted, so that's awesome! It sucks relying on the weather and I bet now that you're back at work, the sun is shining. How does it know...?

So next time the sun comes out, you take your photos for the shop. Easy. You'll be fine.

Hope Monday wasn't a killer :( First day back at work after time off is usually tough.

Tip about marrying for money duly noted. Thanks.