Friday, September 25, 2009

breathe deep

* new work from yumiyumi

The weekend has arrived. And it's looking pretty rainy. The ground around here is like mush from all the endless showers. The chance of taking new product pics is looking pretty slim.

But I have been feeling creative lately. I have that desire to create. So maybe by the time I actually get to take some photos I will have some brand new stuff to add to the shop!

Before heading out for the weekend I wanted to share this painting from Yumi Yumi. I love the colors. It just feels so peaceful; and you know I love things that feel peaceful. The little petals and the drapey dots on the bottom are so delicate. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I think the rain is going to change everyone's plans around here. But I would be just as happy to stay home and create. :) Till next time.



Julia (Color Me Green) said...

it's only supposed to rain here on sunday. so saturday i'm going apple picking! Yay! that is a really beautiful painting. i just checked out her shop and like it a lot better than some of her other work.

Sarah Klassen said...

It's pouring here, too! I don't mind so much -- I'm cozy inside with some coffee, a bit of chocolate and my notebook. (both MAC and paper kind!)

That image is so delicate and pretty! Her style is lovely, and the flourishes, so glad you shared.