Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weekly Ring Envy.

My weekly ring of choice usually coincides with how I am feeling at the moment or how I would like to feel. This week's Envy is no different. I chose this gorgeous lotus ring from TZTUDIO because it evokes a feeling of beauty and strength and purity. I'm sure you all know the deep symbolism that is linked to the lotus flower. How it is rooted in the muck and mire, yet it rises above to bloom, without a stain, in all its glory. The lotus symbolizes hope, I think, in being able to overcome the sin and negativity in life to create or become something of great beauty.
This ring is only $75.oo. Amazing deal for such a fabulous handmade piece of work. The center stone is cubic zirconia and if pink isn't your color, you can also get it in yellow, ruby or amethyst.

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