Thursday, April 30, 2009


Working here at the shop, we are always seeing the latest and greatest in packaging material. Car parts come packaged in a grand array of interesting things. I actually use packaging material for making my patterns. Bumpers, headlamps and some mirrors come wrapped in a thin cloth-like material that is perfect for working patterns out with. I figure its better than thrashing it. I gather bubble wrap like crazy to re-use in my own shipping. We even see mirrors packaged in felt bags. But this one (above) is new to us. And pretty darn cool. They're called Expandos and they are little triangles of recyclable cardboard. How neat.

Yes, maybe I have hit a creativity roadblock. Or maybe I just wanted to show you these cool packing peanut replacements. Whatever. Rock on, baby dolls. Rock on.


mimilove forever said...

aww they look like mini mice cheeses! :)

(note to self...really must get out more)

Joanie Hoffman said...

Hello Miz November!
I have trained my 2 youngest grandchildren to pick up and save all kinds of things in the street, from the food wrappings, etc., so I know about not trashing stuff.
Happy days,