Thursday, April 30, 2009

come forth with words.

I haven't seen many comments here lately. So, in an effort to get some conversation, I'm gonna ask a few questions. Come on. Play along.

#1. Got any advice on loading a dishwasher? I'm not kidding. The house we moved into has one and it is the first time EVER that I have used one. Every time I load the thing I think "I know I'm doing something wrong, here."

#2. What do you insist on taking with you to the beach? I'm headed that way in two weeks. Can't wait. Trying to get my stuff together already.

#3. I am determined to clean up my Etsy shop within the next two months. All new pics. Several new posts. A new banner and avatar. A whole shop makeover. But I'm wondering if maybe I should open another shop and list my fashion and my art stuff separate. Do you think its better to have two Etsy shops when selling such a random mix of items? Do you think it will help to separate them out into home and fashion?

I'm counting on you to give me some feedback. Let's hear it.


mimilove forever said...

1. I generally leave it all to pile up until someone else cracks and does it instead!

2. A variety of sandwiches and flask of tea as it's invariably freezing and we end up sitting in car shivering...(uk seaside, comes with the territory!)

3. Def 2 seperates but maybe similar banner/identities so people recognise the link between the 2


Color Me Green said...

#1, sorry i don't have a dishwasher either, so not much help there.

#2, my parents beach house is already well stocked with beachy stuff (towels, fishing equipment, bikes, board games, etc) but I find that ipod, camera, journal and some easy beach reading are essential. so are lots of trips to ice cream parlors while there.

#3, i'm not an etsy expert, but to me it doesn't seem necessary to separate your shops, since most ppl search by items they are looking for, not by kind of shop, right?

Amber said...

i've been thinking about this for awhile and haven't had a chance to write back to your questions cause i am MAD BUSY.

but just wanted to let you know that i am reading even if i ain't commenting.

(p.s comments are pretty awesome tho huh? they make me happy)