Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekly Ring Envy

Its just a lucky thing that I have a sunny outlook this morning. Here it is, the 22nd day of April, and its snowing. I'm not even joking. The mountains of NC are getting snow this morning.
But I'm looking forward to sunny days, a beach trip, working in the yard, swimming in the river and trips to Asheville with friends. Surely there will be sunshine soon.

Now lets talk about this ring. It's like sunshine for your finger! As you may already know, I have a long running crush on the color yellow. It seems to only be getting stronger. This ring is making my heart glow. Is that possible? We say things like that in yoga and , you know what?, I believe it is possible. I love the organic look of this ring. No hard edges (so to speak). It also reminds me of the little spots you see when you close your eyes after being in the sun. I just adore it. This one has been in my folder for a while now, and I just keep liking it more and more. Thank you to the wonderful Chocolate and Steel for making this brightness.

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