Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Breathe In.....Breathe Out

I was flipping through my new Pottery Barn catalog the other day, when I came across this picture. I found myself lost in it, just staring, unable to turn the page. I wanted to walk outside and be there. Right there, on that swing, breathing in the warm summer air. I'm tellin' ya. Those Pottery Barn folks sure know how to use lighting to their favor. I wanted to share this feeling with you, so I went online to find the picture. While there, I ran across this photo. What gorgeous evening light. Perfect place to sit with a magazine and a glass of tea.

I am a porch and patio kind of girl. I love to sit outside to relax. These beautiful clean colors and stripes ( I love stripes!) are right up my alley. What is your idea of a "relaxing place"? Do you like porches, too? Maybe gardens or open breezy living rooms?

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