Tuesday, April 7, 2009

soul sharing.

lovely photos from Stacey Winters' blog.

I have been listening to local radio station 106.9 fm lately. This station has been aired in my house since I was a little girl. 106.9 The Light is a Christian station. They play amazing contemporary Christian music. Now before you drift off on me here, let me finish my story. Stick with me.

Anyway. Sometimes I just need to feel centered spiritually and I find it helpful to listen to good music and words of encouragement. I think we all need that at times. Whether you are religious or not, regardless of your beliefs, we all have a need to feed our spirit. I find that when I listen to this station my mind doesn't drift off into make-believe. I stay grounded in reality. (Which, I admit, I don't always want to do.) Sometimes I like to let my imagination go off into orbit and feel like I have a different life than I have.

Yesterday, while heading back to work from lunch, the dj made a comment that really touched my heart. This is rare. So I thought it would be worth sharing. She said "Spending time with God doesn't take time out of your life. It puts life into your time." I agree. Once again, regardless of your beliefs, I think that nurturing our spiritual side is well worth our time. It enriches our life experience. It gives us hope. It fills our hearts with love. It slows us down. And we could all stand to slow down just a bit. Don't you think?


Amber said...

i'm not a christian music fan, but i do find that some old gospel music makes my soul feel happy again. every time.

Sibi said...

Just happened upon your blog and read your comment about spending time with God. I'm with you on that - 100%. The more time I spend talking to him throughout my day, the more at peace I feel, even on the worst of days. It is sooo worth it to be in touch with our Father in heaven, who loves us unconditionally, all the time. If only everyone knew this!

sibisan said...

Spending quality time throughout my day talking with God definitely helps give me peace - even on the worst of days! If only everyone knew this...... we wouldn't live in such an evil world.