Thursday, April 16, 2009

whoa down!

Girls. This wedding hoopla is getting way outta hand. Seriously. And even worse than the brides themselves...... their moms. Here's what's up.

My mom and I are making cake for a wedding next month. Not just any cake. Strawberry shortcake. Well. technically not "shortcake". More like sheetcake with fresh cut strawberries and whip cream. Cool, right? Yeah. The Bride in this story wanted a small eco-wedding. 150 guests. Fried chicken and the fixins. She bought a 100% organic gown. Very lovely stuff. The Mom in this story tells us to expect to feed 500 guests. Great. That is a very large number. The Bride and Groom met with my mom to cover the details. Said Bride is furious that her small eco-wedding has been turned into the grand ball. 500 guests? The Groom informed us that it could be more like 900. They sent out 1800 invites. 1800!!!!!! Holy crap. What the heck is the Mom trying to prove? There is no possible way of us feeding 900 people ANYTHING! much less strawberry shortcake/sheetcake. There is a lot more to this story, but I'm gonna stop at that and just let you ponder.

*photo by pazsint
(some possibly offensive content) just warning.

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Color Me Green said...

oy that number of people at one event is insane!!!