Friday, April 17, 2009

Crazy amounts of talent!

You know when you find something so cool that you just wanna run out and tell everyone about it? Yeah? This is one of those moments. I ran across this amazing artist in the Etsy treasuries this morning. Holy Chicken!!!! (as my little niece would say) This work is incredible. First off, she paints with watercolor on canvas. I have been using watercolor my whole life and never even considered that I could put it on canvas! And then, she stitches and beads and embroiders the coolest stuff onto the painting. Seriously, how did one person end up with such vision?

Her store is called mimi love. She has the most lovely blog, too. mimi love forever. There are tons more examples of her work there and you can see them in progress! You simply must check out her shop. Fabulous prices for original works of art. I just can't get over it. Wow.


mimilove forever said...

aww! Bless you and thank you, that's fair cheered me up after a crappy week, madam!

I hope things pick up in your world soon too...the cake sounds divine/the mother insane! ;)


Amber said...

these are pretty effin' wonderful. thanks.